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I hope everyone also had an amazing weekend!

Seriously, my new I must have. These past few weeks I've been dreaming about purchasing a loft/condo in the city. Not as small as an apartment, not as big as a house. As some of you know, I'm a city girl at heart & currently work in the Downtown Houston area. It has a gorgeous skyline with huge, tall buildings & nowhere near the bad traffic D.C & Virginia has. I'm sure those of you that follow me on Instagram have already seen a few pictures of our office suite view. It's breathtaking & pictures seriously don't do it justice. Basically, I went from wanting a small little cottage house outside of the city to dying to get a cozy little living space near my new job. A new friend of mine just purchased a house away from the city & gave me his opinion on a house versus a loft. As he said, it would be perfect for me since I have no major responsibilities, would be extremely close to my job, still close enough to my parents, brother & family & would have an amazing view (hello!). Also, because it would be purchased & not leased, I could lease it out once I decide to settle somewhere else. He seriously got me thinking & I've given myself a year to think about what I want to do, home wise.

I would love to hear your opinions. Do you own a home? A loft/condo? Any pros & cons you'd like to share?

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