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Bella Terra.

Not too long ago we discussed cosmetics & since then, I've been asked about my skin regimen plenty of times. About two weeks after arriving to Texas, I was introduced & gifted some items from Bella Terra. I am thankful because my skin hasn't been the same since I started using it. I'm few years away from being 30 & I can honestly tell you, I sometimes freak out thinking about what my skin will look like once I get there or further from there. Bella Terra has made my skin brighter, has improved its texture & has made me look a bit younger (even though that wasn't something I was going for, but I'll take it. AMEN!).

Today's share, my skin regimen by Bella Terra:

1 | Exfoliating GelOnce a week I have a date with this little one. I love that it has sea weed in it & its fresh clean smell. It feels kind of weird & icky when you first put it on; but when it drys up, it feels cool to peel off. Weirdest sensation with amazing results. Two things I've noticed after using it, better elasticity & smaller pores. Even my facial specialist has noticed & asked what I was doing differently. It has definitely become a must have in my book.

2 | Pore Refining Toner. Used after using the exfoliating gel & on a daily basis after washing* my face. This is perfect for minimizing pores, evening skin tone & keeping out dirt & debris. It leaves my face feeling refreshed without the dry feeling since it has no alcohol.

3 | Lifting Eye Serum. Remember when I told you that I have under eye dark circles? Well, this right here has made a huge improvement. I use it every morning after washing& my face & before putting on concealer. A 'good to know' tip, this little number has plenty of Vitamin C & it's great for fine lines & wrinkles.

4 | Daily Moisturizer. And of course, everyone needs a good moisturizer. This one has these super cute tiny blue beads that contains Vitamin E & are only released when in contact with the skin. It work on deep lines & wrinkles, discoloration from the sun & also protects the skin from the effects of time & the environment. It leaves my skin silky soft & its not heavy or sticky (eesh!). The only thing, it doesn't have is SPF. But no worries, don't forget I have an

SPF 30 tinted moisturizer. See, we're all good to go!

*For a cleanser, I use LUSH Dark Angels

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