Snapshots of Life Lately

  • El Gran Malo has to be one of my new favorite little taco gems. Yes, I am addicted to tacos. But I live in Texas. CAN YOU BLAME ME?!  Anyways, this fancy little spot won my heart as soon as I entered the door. The dim lighting, crazy colorful decor, the taco aroma & the menu!!! Their shrimp tacos are insane & let's not even start with the gigantic margaritas with tons of flavors. Let's just say if you're ever on that side of town, you might have to stop & pay them a visit. 
  • Returning to work on a Friday felt like a brutal Monday. I was relaxed & full of energy. Accomplished a ton of paperwork & 'was' going to start on some projects when I was told, it was 'already' Friday! Why not just relax & enjoy the quiet of the last week that came with the holidays & wait until Monday? Did anyone else have this problem? Oh, just me? Ok, cool. HA! 
  • Saturday morning consisted of road trip plans with the brotherman. It was so nice to spend some quiet QT time with him. He's planned out the trip to perfection seems like & my job it to make sure every rest & food stop is worth it. Clearly, you all know when it comes to food, I'm in it all the way. Come on April!! 
  • Of course, when shit hits the fan, Ruby's is always our savior when it comes to a 'close to home cooked meal'. What? My sisy-in-law & I sometimes get lazy & really just want some tacos & horchata. :)
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