Snapshots of Life Lately

  • I spent the day with my mum & the pups watching the premier of Downton Abbey. We're are extremely addicted & have made it a 'thing' for our Sunday nights. Ruby did not seem to be having the best of times hanging out with us that evening. Grumpy cutie. HA! 
  • The commotion I must bare with every single day to get home after work. Am I the only one that deals with this? 
  • Attitude problems. I mean, pero why!? But he is too freakin' cute right?! My baby!! 
  • Can you spy him all cuddled up on me while I work late at night!? 
  • Random dust are in an abandoned building. 
  • Saturday was amazing. I spent the whole day with my favorite girlies (missing one), we ate, talked about boys, went shopping & watched two very good movies. Got home at almost 3 a.m. but it was absolutely perfect. Wearing | Converse pullover - AF jeans - H&M sneakers - Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack. 
  • "Spring" cleaning in the winter. 


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