Snapshots of Life Lately

  • Morning office views. Although this was taken last Monday, this makes me feel so motivated, inspired & thankful.
  • I randomly came across this at my office & absolutely loved the design. Me, being completely curious, headed over to this 'nuts' site & was in complete awe. My sister in law & I are not exactly dieting, but eating healthy. Smoothies & green recipes have been a mission. Especially since our camping trip is fast approaching. This little random discovery became my little nut heaven. 
  • We celebrated our good friend Rob's birthday at Cheddar's during the week. A delicious meal, insanely yummy drinks (which I just took a sip of) & great company, as always. 
  • As I told you last week, there is an abandoned building near my office. It's been that way for a long time now from what I am told. It's in a not so great spot so no one has purchased it & there is really no talk of fixing it. Every morning I pass by & its dark, sad looking really. On this particular morning I saw a dim light coming from the far end of a hallway. I didn't actually go in. I'm too much of a chicken to enter an empty building alone, let alone with my office clothes. But I was so curious to what or who was in there. There is a desk with plans, boxes & wires everywhere. I'm sure it belongs to someone who maybe plans on doing something with it. Or maybe someone just moved in & lives in the only corner of the building where the cold air can't come in. Maybe it doesn't belong to anyone, it's just there left behind. 
  • Such an amazing little gift. Voluspa Japonica Candle Tin by Anthropologie
  • I LOVE Lush & in the spirit of being cute & romantic, I tried the Sex Bomb Bath. I think I was way more excited to actually see the thing fizz up in the tub. LOL! Overall know, BEST BOMB EVER. 
  • The last five days were amazing. So relaxing, full of movies, junk food & cuddles. On this particular day we visited Galveston, Texas. Walked along the beach, shared milkshakes & chatted about the most random things. Captain K'nuckles also tagged along & he didn't seem too impressed with the ocean. I guess he takes that from his mum. LOL! It was such a great little vacay.
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