Weekends Like These

It's really weekends like these where I feel super special to have the bestest friends/family I could've ever asked for. Its what I consider one of those hectic but fun days but are totally worth all the hectiness. Friday we celebrated my favorite person's birthday which involved go carts, arcade games, cupcakes & tacos passed midnight. I haven't thrown a surprise party in ages, but this little shindig turned out super fun! I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I DO enjoy participating in my loved ones birthdays (1. 2. 3.) & our group being a decent size, I believe we have one at least every month! I could be exaggerating, but I swear it definitely feels that way. Which is AWESOME in my book. I love birthdays. But back to the arcade... three things I learned about myself. 1) I am no way, shape or form competitive. I laugh when I lose & move on to the next game when I get bored. 2) I completely suck at basketball, air hockey & driving games. 3) Speaking of driving games, I drive the go carts the same way I do on the road. Cautious & at a decent speed limit. Do I not have the want for fast & furious? Clearly, no. 

The following day involved a shopping spree (oh, because I ADORE to go shopping), lunch at the most insanely amazing Mediterranean spot ever & the randomest movie for movie night. I don't even remember what it's called. I was SO tired from all the driving around all day I apparently fell asleep the entire night. Oh well. Sunday was very quiet. The Office played all afternoon & no one wanted to get up from the couches. So, we didn't until our Sunday meeting at Ruby's takes place for the Walking Dead. Which BTW, has been sort of on the sucky side this season. Oh, that's just me? Ok, cool. 

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