The Pup Stories.

I'm sure by now my current readers know we have three pups at home. Probably shouldn't call them that anymore considering Beowulf (too cool for pictures) is 3, Denali (the huge little queen above) is 1 & Captain K'Nuckles is right behind her in age. After months of potty training, quit the barking, 'sit'.. 'lay down'.. NO 'lay down', our children (I really am talking about Denali & Cappy) seem to finally get it. 

This morning I received news that our carpets got cleaned, thoroughly. I am no fan of carpets but it being our temp home, we manage. Our babies, how can I put it nicely... were not so good to our light creamed colored carpet when we first moved. They were little & peeing here or there was an 'oh, whoops' kind of deal. Now, that never happens at home unless one of them is sick from eating something they weren't supposed to (maybe) & having a poop fest for two days. That, I guess, is excusable. Not. But for the most part, they now behave like 'grown-up' dogs. Or at least Denali does. A few things that make our days at home with these three little ones... 

Denali is a gentle giant. She is so wild & has these super adorable playful spurts. Within these past few weeks however, she is calm. CALM you guys! This was the girl that would jump like crazy to get your attention & bark at every little thing she heard. She's grown up, we believe. She sits on the couch now & just stares at us as to figure why are we staring at her & what the hell are we talking about. She got a haircut a few days ago & is now more posh then ever. Go 'head girl. Cappy on the other hand, still acts like he's 6 months old. He's a mini poodle mix so I guess it makes sense. He gets extremely happy when he poops & throws his whole body when someone tries to pick him up. He recently learned to jump up on the couch & seems to be obsessed with carrots. He shares everything with his cousins. Even his own food. But when he was introduced to carrots yesterday, that was a WHOLE different story. Beowulf is the man of house, basically. He's little but don't be fooled by his size. On the weekends, he's one of the first to 'good morning' me when I walk out of my room. He LOVES to cuddle & hide under the blankets. I learned yesterday that he doesn't like to be completely unaware of where his parents or aunt is. For example, if I'm in my room with the door open while his parents are gone, every so often he'll randomly check on me & go back to the living room to lay down. It feels like he's making sure I'm ok. It's just so heart melting!! 

Let's just say, we are super lucky to have these weird children of ours & can't wait for them to adventure with us in two weeks!!