Middle of Nowhere, Virginia

YAY it's already Wednesday & for random travels!! Last Friday I was kidnapped & flown to what felt like the middle of nowhere to spend some serious QT time with two of my besties & the little nephew. It was so nice to see the faces of two very important women I am blessed to call friends/family. From my two FAVORITE restaurants, Kabob Palace & Alto Plaza, to a Walking Dead marathon, hideous rapper music (that the little one is obsessed with), to a trillion outfit changes to an outing we didn't want to attend. Tons of laughs, jokes, not knowing our geography & our love for ice cream. It was a short two days that felt like a week. Even with all the drama & chaos from United Airlines, it was absolutely needed, well spent & worth it. 

Thank you BK, Dani & Vincent for being as wonderful as you are. Love you, always. 

On another note, what you should know currently. There is 10 left before our big camping trip, a new home hunt (actually, a house. EEP!) & damnit, I have a feeling I killed my cactus, AGAIN. I mean, how is that even possible when I care & loved it so much?! I guess you'll just have to stay tuned my dears. 

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