Taking Stock

A new look eh, EH!? I want to give one of my best friends & graphic designer Rob from All Media Printers all the thank yous in the world for my amazing new logo, header & re-branding me. It's been a long few months but it's been so SO worth it. I'm completely in love with my little camera!! What do you guys think? 

Cooking | Ok so hear me out. When we were little, for breakfast my mom sometimes made us scrambled eggs with tuna on a toasted bun. OMG I have started doing this again & hello memories!! I can still picture my mom in her banking attire getting us ready for school & making these for us with tea. Oh, my heart. It sounds like a weird dish, but try it. I promise you'll thank me. 
Drinking | Lemonade. I have never ever EVER tried it until recently & I have got to say, the hype every one gave it these past few years makes total sense. I think I want to try different recipes of it at home. 
Reading | Lately I've been obsessed with Listverse (all over again). There is something I love about short lists of random facts & things I don't know. Especially the abandon places list. I can get sucked into that site for hours.
Wanting | For Summer to hurry the hell up because honestly, I'm really over this cold weather. But I know once it gets hot, everyone will be complaining about wanting Fall/Winter back. We're just so annoying Mother Nature... bare with us! 
Watching | We've been watching a lot of old & new shows lately. My current favorites: About a Boy (SO cute!!) , Games of Thrones (4th season hell yea!), Pramface (a whole new season EEK!) & Bob's Burgers (I can't even have a favorite character because they're all too funny to pick one. But, I'm like a Tine/Louise mix. LOL!).
Playing | Minecraft & Mass Effect. In our house, this is serious business & the main reason why a TV exists. Apparently this is all we talk about & really all we do during the weekends. Let's just say, don't come over if you aren't ready to build worlds with us. 
Wishing | Le Mambam & her hubbs safe travels. They are currently in Panama having a blast I am sure. She called asking for our shoe sizes so I'm assuming, new leather sandals!? OH YES!!!!
Enjoying | ALL the QT time with my favorite person. Weekends have gained a whole meaning & its value is priceless. Seriously, there is nothing better than spending time with my best friend & lover boy.
Waiting | 10 MORE DAYS until our big camping trip. If only you guys understood the levels of excitement for this epic trip. I cannot wait! 
Loving | There are too many things to point out I am loving right now. From my new leather jacket to midi rings to seeing two of my favorite girls to when the dogs all lay on my bed to visiting him at night during his lunch break. It's really the little things that keep melting my heart lately. 
Marveling | Still kind of in awe from our trip to Frio River. And it opened the whole "let's buy land somewhere outside of Texas" can. Which I am totally on board & hello, the scenery?! 
Smelling | I really have a thing for men cologne. So the fact that I sometimes find it lingering in my room or on my clothes leftover from long hugs is the absolute best!  
Wearing | Recently I find myself wearing more loose airy clothes. I'm not sure if my older self is kicking in & is a bit over the tights & shorts phase. I mean, don't be surprised if it makes a comeback say sometime in the Fall again. But as of right now, I really enjoy the big boy shorts with the tees & heels look of things. 
Following | So on Instagram, one of my favorites is Supernovamama. She's so funny & her little boy... omg *babycraves*!!!!!!!!! Two ladies I love & had the pleasure of meeting, Bittythug & Loveyoumore. Super crazy fun best friends with a hint of ratchet I clearly need in my life. Love them to bits. And then, my favorite sisters with chance of cute pups & a handsome little one, Soulandtell & Dirtyspice
Bookmarking | ArchDaily.com has to be my biggest current obsession. Like I said, with all the talk about buying land, building a house from the ground up has me all full of life & excited to design something cool, effective & homey.  
Feeling | Absolutely over the moon. After an amazing birthday, a hectic but fun weekend & everything in between. The planning & talks have me more than excited for whatever is yet to come my/our way. Blessed & beyond thankful.