Travel | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dear Southwest, you've taken my heart & soul by surprise. I allow it. You're breathtaking & after visiting your little towns & parks for a short few days, I will one day make you my home. We arrived back to our actual home this past Sunday & still can't get you off my mind. My body still aches from all the climbing, hiking, eating, laughing, driving. What an amazing few days spent with some of the best people in my life. I seriously couldn't have asked for a great way to start our traveling traditions. Sadly, my favorite person couldn't attend this time (RAWR work) & words won't describe how much I missed him & my Cappy while I was away. So glad to be home & in their arms (& paws) again. 

We started our hiatus by driving off at midnight on a Friday. With little sleep but too much excitement, we wandered off to New Mexico... our first stop. On our way we stopped in Amarillo, Texas to take a peak at the famous Cadillac Ranch. It was gorgeous. There were what seemed like a thousand spray cans throughout the ground. The cars had drawings & love dedications & quotes. It was really perfect for such an artsy messy place. It was still really early. Gloomy even. The wind was so strong & walking felt like a joke. I forgot to ask the group to take what will soon become the annoying "group picture", but a ton of phone selfies from my friends were taken to prove we were once there. It was our first "official stop" & I was too excited.

Our next stop was Cuervo, New Mexico. Its a very small 'haunted' town on the side of Interstate 40. Let me tell you, it is creepy stepping foot there. With a blocked off church, a small school & a ton of crumbling houses scattered around, I sure didn't want to stay there for too long. I was in my PJs, but the sun was finally out & we wanted to explore a little. So I changed in the car while the others wandered off. I felt nervous & as if someone was watching me. Not sure if it was how empty the houses looked or because for a second I was alone on the side of the road rushing to tie my shoes. I put my brave face on & run over to a few houses & the church to take some pictures. My skin felt itchy from fear & my chest felt heavy so I ran to the join the others. What am I, 5? Have you ever seen The Hills Have Eyes? Yea, that was literally what I kept thinking while walking through the abandoned town. We left, safely, & I hit Google to see if there is any information on the town. Apparently there are a few ghosts stories, but the creepiest thing I found was that there are STILL people actually living there. They don't live in the houses, but in trailers North of the town. I was mortified & didn't share this information because I didn't want my brother to want to turn around & find these people. My heart was racing. I hope I really wasn't being watched or better yet, I'm just glad we got our of there.

On a heart melting note,  we later arrived at Santa Fe. The mud style houses & town surrounded by mountains took my breath away. I fell in love the moment we drove in. I immediately texted my mister & practically begged him to teleport & build us a mud house. Our first mission was food. We parked & walked around the town oohing & aahing at all the little shops, people & restaurants. I haven't been so googly-eyed in a new place before. We Yelped for food & came across Tia Sophia's. Let me tell you, I haven't had tostadas this good in a very VERY long time. After stuffing our faces & chatting about where to go next, we wandered off to explore the city a bit more. We ended the evening with mochaccinos, tea & wanting to move conversations. Basically, perfect. This town is extremely quiet for being so busy. Gorgeous & full life in a way. Please be my home one day Santa Fe. I adore you!