Travel | Island in the Sky + Moab, Utah

When I woke up the next day I realized we were in the Island in the Sky, early enough to see the sunrise. It was beautiful. You couldn't tell how many smaller canyons, nooks & crannies were down the 1000 feet mesa. Once the sun came out, it was clear how immense this place was. Thousands of miles of vastness. I felt tiny as we all sat quietly on the edge of a cliff taking in the morning sunlight. I was still a bit sleepy & it had to be about 30 degrees that morning, but I was so ready to see what else was on our to do list. A short drive later we arrived at the Upheaval Dome Overlook. Such an unusual hole & rock formations beautifully displayed & scattered throughout the trail. We wanted to go higher. We did, but the rocks got smoother & smoother which made me really appreciate my shoes. 

The first arch of the trip, the Mesa Arch. It was huge in my eyes, not knowing that the arches we'd see the following day make this one look like a baby. This area was a bit more crowded. Everyone wanted pictures due to its popularity, so our visit was a bit short. Let's not count the fact that we got randomly off track again, came out on the street (& not where we parked) & Guhbaby almost got lost. Oh, the things we get ourselves into I tell you. Per usual, we stopped at the Visitor Center, got our stickers & stamps & headed back to the town where we would camp for the next two days. Along the way we stopped at several cliffs, took our selfies & went on our way. 

Good 'ole Moab. A super awesome little town with alot to do considering its so tiny. We found an amazing little campsite that took in campers & RVs with decent prices, showers, a pool & right in the heart of downtown. We showered, made up our tents, quick (OMG SO FREAKING YUMMY!) food was prepared & off we headed to walk the small town. There were so many cute little shops & restaurants along the street, it was hard to not want to go in all of them. One thing we absolutely loved, they're dog friendly. They have this amazing little dog boutique with clothes, furniture & snacks. They have a self serve dog wash, for those pups that hike. How stinking cute is that?! I love that you can go inside different stores & your dogs can go in, have some water & be greeted by the shop owners & guests. I mean, you can't do that everywhere so that means a lot to us dog owners.

Ice cream, gift shopping & more talks about quitting our jobs, packing our goods & moving to the mountains went on before dinner. The majority of the group voted to go to The Moab Brewery for some drinks & a 'normal' meal. Mind you we've been eating granola bars, fruits & quick sandwiches for the past few days. After a traumatizing but delicious meal, (they had NO Coke, which will later become my nightmare) & sampling what seemed like a ton of beer, we headed home to set up a fire, read scary stories & have a good long night sleep. Finally.