Snapshots of Life Lately

Because there is SO much going on in these parts, I haven't had a second to sit & work on the rest of our trip. Ugh! I know, I'm working on it. But here is a bit of what we've been up to since we got back. A LOT!

  • Starting off with one of our own, disco queen Kim's birthday. From her boytoy smashing her face in the awesome DJ box shaped cake to Favyboy & I winning at beer-pong randomly, it was an awesome little night! So nice seeing my ladies & their boys!! 
  • I believe the following day (or the week after? sheesh) Guhbaby & our dude friend Googs went to see, hear, cry (just the girls, duh) & sing along to the greatest, John Legend. My heart was up my throat & I still sometimes can't believe how close we were to that man. Our seats, the company, so sweet! And excuse me, how adorbs do the fam. look all dressed up.. & in black! You know I was all EEK when I saw them. 
  • A someone FINALLY got a haircut. I mean, the struggle to get this boy a haircut was unreal. I cannot thank Favyboy enough for always helping me (technically putting up with my always spontaneous shit) when things get all weird & complicated. But it is done & we are definitely thankful to not have Captain's hairy butt all over our faces in the morning. Boy, I tell ya. 
  • On May 10th, Queen Mambam, Favyboy, Sisybae, Guhbaby, her mama & the Queen's coworkers walked for breast cancer awareness. It was a moving yet empowering morning/afternoon. I've never participated in something like this before & the feeling was indeed rewarding. You should try it! Two Instagram pics from that day if you missed it. 1 | 2 
  • This little one now LOVES being in our cars. I mean, who can blame him? He gets chauffeured everywhere! The best little companion though. 
  • Last Thursday I took the Queen out for dinner with my aunty & cousin (who you'll probably meet soon). The poor Cheesecake Factory staff has most likely never had to deal with hyper & loud all at once Panamanian women. We will be making these kind of outtings a monthly tradition. 
  • And then Friday, Sisybae, Favyboy & I went to Outback Steakhouse to try some down under. Did I use that correctly? Anyways, the food was insanly delicious & their piña colada... just thinking about it makes me want another sip. And hello, I do not drink ok! So, for me to cuddos any drink're welcome. 
  • The rest of the weekend was a bit hectic (when the hell do I not say our weekends are hectic?) but fun filled per usual. These two... I just can't. On Sunday I got to girl-sit Favyboy's niece. Big step for me since no one has ever actually tried to leave another little human with me before. Not for an extra amount of hours. Alone. According to her reviews, I did very well & can't wait to hang out again. Did I just set myself up for some awesome niece bondage? Yup! Allowing it. 
  • My last birthday giftcard was spent last night with the Queen. I purchased some amazing wooden chases & we spent the evening literally LOLing, making other folks uncomfortable & stuffing our faces with sushi & friend rice sharing creepy stories about ghosts & angels. I absolutely adore this woman & I've realized, the older I'm getting, the more I realize I'm JUST like her!