Home Inspiration

I haven't been home enough to finish our trip pictures (ugh!), but I'm getting there. But while in the office today, I received this precious modern barn home designed by Christoff Finio that, hello, has my name written all over it. I just had to share. Besides, it's been a while since I've drooled over a nice architectured home. There's been SO much talk lately about us buying land one day & moving to the mountains ..& every day it feels like we are getting closer to our dream. Or it just feel realer the more we talk about it. I can only imagine us living a few minutes away from my brother & sisybae, with our own lands, tons of pets & kiddos. Visiting one another on weekends & making large outdoor meals on Sundays under a blanket of stars & twinkle lights. All of our friends flying in to crowd our fields with their "I'm so sick of the traffic" city stories over wine & pizza. I dream about this so often now I sometimes don't want to wake up. But one day... I can feel it & I just can't wait.  

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