Travel | Port Aransas, Texas


Returning from a long beach vacation is always a brutal task for me. This is our second beach trip so far this year & even though I wanted to return home to our baby-pup & family, I would've stayed another week if it was up to me. We spent most of your days in the water playing with His nieces & brother. The most delicious meals were prepared daily by amazing undiscovered chefs (His uncles, aunts & cousin). Every evening was spent on the porch, cold drinks in hand & lots of childhood stories. It was so perfect. All my coworkers had great things to say about this magical little beach town, so I wasn't surprised I completely fell in love with everything it had to offer. 

Making this trip completely different from any other beach experience I've had in the past, deep sea fishing. Because being completely mortified of large objects & places couldn't have been pushed to the limit any further. Being hours away from shore surrounded by shark infested waters has to be the creepiest thing I've ever done. Clearly. We were scheduled to leave early in the morning. It was a bit chilly since the sun wasn't fully out & being introduced to images of sharks & their teeth didn't exactly help. I was so excited though. I could feel my heart beating so fast, it couldn't be normal & my anxiety was at an all time high. We took our spots on the boat; deciding to brave it, we sat in the front. The boat went faster and faster as we got farther into the ocean, to the point that water splashed all over us as the front of the boat hit the waves. We passed other fishing boats closer to the shore & passed huge boats with cargo and oil you only really see from a distance while standing on the beach. The water was so blue yet clear, I thought anything would jump on board with us at any point. I've never seen that shade of blue before. Not in real life at least. Finally, we stopped near several shrimp boats & were told to fish on one side of the boat. Dolphins jumped happily from all the bait that was thrown off the side of our boat & all I could think was "how the hell can dolphins and sharks live in the same water!?" - "Are the dolphins not scared!?" I felt sick to my tummy from the smell of bait & had to sit inside. This went on for hours. What was meant to be a great fishing experience turned into my tummies biggest nightmare. The smell of the newly catched fish, the bait, the blood. It was killing me. I would put on my game face a few times & step outside to show the boys "I can hang" & seconds later I'd be right back on my bench, forcing myself to sleep to NOT get sick again. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally reach shore a few hours later. Although I really enjoyed being on a large boat & so close to the water, I do think I prefer staying on land going forward. Not sure how my mister survived the Navy, being in the ocean for 4 years. NOPE! 

The remaining days were calm & relaxing. Full of ice-cream & jokes & insane UNO games & cartoons during breakfast. Our tans are crazy dark (not complaining, I promise) & I do REALLY miss all the food & snacks. Homemade margaritas put smiles on all the grownups faces & the little ones made us s'mores from scratch. The boys played dominoes to then get beat by their aunt. That was awesome. We enjoyed a full moon & walked along the beach at night. I loved our cliche walks along the beach sharing stories & ideas & plans. We found baby crabs running through the sand & tents & bonfires made. It was indeed such a great little vacation. 

One of those trips I'll always cherish. A thank you to His fambam for having me & being some of the sweetest people I know. A HUGE thank you to the team at Deep Sea Headquarters for all their help & fun (almost deadly) adventure.