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Maybe its because it is Wednesday. Or the fact that we've been traveling so much these past few weekends with loads of work in between the week. It could also be because school has started in our home, we have a ton of things planned & our To-Do list is through the roof. Whatever it is, I've been craving our bed all day.

This weekend will be one of those weekends.

The kind of weekend where we wake up extremely late, stay in our PJs for a good 85% of the time, waffles & eggs will be made for lunch & completely out of the scheme of reality movies will be played. Just thinking of those little things while sitting in my office (at this very moment) is making me sleepy. Kind of dying to go home & dose off while cuddling with my boys. Don't those white sheets make you yawn a little? Its been an amazing summer, but I've neglected my bed so much these past few days ...enough is enough. At least for one weekend.

Bring on the long weekend cozy lazy-ness. 

Images via Pinterest.

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