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Hello there! Its been a while & I've missed you. Things over here have been busy, in a great way. Lots of movement, school is in full swing and since summer is almost over, the fall/winter home & closet preparations are on the way. I want to start up with something I'm sure some of you can relate to. The new season's skin routine. My face absolutely hates anything that it's not used to. It has its tantrums, breaks-out & acts like it hates me for putting on sunscreen, sweating like crazy, the sun(burn), beach & river water & really not taking anything with me to clean or cover up my face while vacationing. SMH. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but that's just how my face operates for some strange reason.  But I know this, so I know how to attack it. LUSH has been my go-to face, body & hair brand for almost five years. I really can't use anything else without irritation, dryness or breakouts. I believe its because LUSH doesn't use harsh chemicals & focuses on using fresh fruits & veggies for their ingredients.  But I digress...

Here are my bathroom MUST haves:



  • I wash my face twice a day. If I'm feeling ewy from the humid Houston weather, I wash it three times. I discovered Coalface as a tester a few years ago. I love that I can grab the bar & scrub my face with it. I'm like a boy in a sense. I like to clean my face, but I prefer using something kind of like a bar of soap making it easy & not as messy. Squeaky clean y'all! (PS - Its also gentle enough to use on the bod! Hello!)
  • Every two to three days I mask my face. Because I have oily - combination skin, I need something to keep my face calm & blemish free. I LOVE the minty smell of the Mask of Magnaminty & how it feels super tingly when I put it on after washing my face with warm water. 
  • When my face got all crazy & started breaking out a lot, the only moisturizer I could trust was Imperialis. It soothed any irritations & left my face smooth, brighter & just overall prettier!!
  • At night, after I scrub my face well, I spray a little Tea Tree Water. I absolutely love that it keeps my face matte, oil free and smells delicious. A lot of the random acne I got this summer went away as soon as I applied this little item on. I've been using it for years and its a definite must in my cabinet.
  • For my super stubborn face days (every few months or after I eat something my body is like WTF), Vanishing Cream & Ocean Salt must be handy. To remove a lot of the dark spots left behind by old blemishes, I owe everything to the Vanishing Cream. Its honestly the only thing that successfully works & I couldn't be thankful enough for it! Oh the Ocean Salt... when I randomly broke out a month ago, this cleanser burned (you know, the sensation when something ACTUALLY works?) & I could feel the salt rub against my blemishes. The first two days I scrubbed morning & night to make them go away (even though you're supposed to use it at least once or twice a week). It worked! The blemishes were almost all gone & my face felt cleaner, softer & brighter!  


  • When it comes to keeping my tan intact, no pealing & feeling squeaky clean ALL DAY, Sandstone soap is my go-to must! I LOVE that it has actual sand in it. I love that it keeps Greg's & my body really smooth!! My main focus is always our backs because we work out & he sweats a lot during his job. This soap is a GREAT scrub! I love that it keeps our backs clear & our bodies feeling like we just went on vacation. Basically, a lot of loves happening with this one. 
  • When it comes to bath bombs, I've tried a lot of them! Something that I enjoy doing when I've had a long day at work or our weeks have been super hectic, is filling up the tub with hot water, turning on some candles & throwing in a yummy bomb. We recently tried the Big Blue. There is sea weed, sea salt & lavender in it which means serious relaxation time.  
  • There's nothing I love more than feeling buttery soft. That's why I go to Buffy for all my moisturizing & exfoliating body needs. I use it after my shower while still damp, but you can also use it in the shower too. Not only does it smell absolutely heavenly, I love how it leaves my skin feeling creamy smooth after a long yoga session. 


  • My curls (& random straight hairs) are sometimes uncontrollable. The longer my hair gets, the harder it is to keep the curls in place without looking like a mop. This weather however, works wonderfully with this messy fro. Curly Wurly is amazing when it comes to taming the beast & calming the frizz. The coolest things about it are that it has real pieces of coconut in it & untangles my hair even before I put in conditioner. WHAT!?
  • I never skip on conditioner (I normally use Coolaulin), but after all is said and done, my curls are ready for my best kept secret, R&B. Nothing keeps my hair in place, smelling yummy & with lushables curls like this hair moisturizer. I recently shared the secret with my brother & woah! His hair looks so freakin' adorbs!! His fro is a little smaller than mine, yet seems to be growing faster (so annoying). Let's just say we will probably be using this hair goodness for a long long time. 


Have you tried LUSH before? If you have LUSH products, which ones are your favorite? Have some free time... here are some of my other beauty favorites


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