The Pup Stories.

Captain K'Nuckles & his sister, Ruby, turned a year old back in April. I finally managed to take my child to the vet for his yearly check-up a few weeks ago. My mum, on the other hand, is way better at this & took Ruby a few weeks after their birthday. I've been busy though! I'm sorry!! So, he's a pre-teen now, as we call him at home. Now that he's 1yr (aka 7yrs) old, he understands so much, knows a few more tricks & causes chaos when he's super happy. Its SO funny seeing his little body wiggle all over the floor with excitement. Sometimes for no reason. He's growing up healthy & his doctor was so happy to see him now as a bigger pooch. However, she told us he was 5 pounds overweight. You can imagine my "shock face" & G.'s "SEE..." face while the news hit me. Everyone has been telling me how "chubby" he is & I'm like "NO, he's just full of love!". Well, your friend here had to take on a diet & has to accompany me for long walks. I even took him running with me once. Almost killed the pup. Oh dear| About two weeks after his appointment, we were given the good news that he had lost a pound. We were all so happy! If we keep this up, hopefully soon he'll be down to their average 10-12 pound size. My chubby baby. 

A few things he's loving as of late:

  • Waking up late with his poppa. 
  • Mastering the art of fetching. 
  • Taking over pillows while we sleep.
  • Going for walks without his leash.
  • Traveling in the car with the windows down. (Something he didn't do so much as a puppy.)
  • Steamed veggies. 
  • Taking baths outside. 

How cute & funny are these two!? Captain helping G. with homework & Ruby, on her first day of school.  Both images sent to me while I was at work. Serious goodness!  

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