Fall Reboot

Fall is officially here & what better time to get back in shape then now.. for me at least. I don't ever go into details regarding my weight or shape because well, its personal. But now that I'm a working mom, its been even harder to workout while also working full-time an hour away from home &  maintaining a home. Its been YEARS since I've taken exercising seriously. I won't lie to you. There's been a few times where I've started running & completely dismiss it a few days later. Also, there is yoga. I've been practicing Vinyasa for about a year & a half now & was lucky to still practice it while I was pregnant. I'd say, really, on & off after my brother & sister-in-law introduced me to it last year. All in all, as healthy as my doctor's say I am (thank goodness), I STILL fail miserably at the whole staying fit business. So, I decided to change that once & for all. 

I've owned a Fitbit for about two years now. I've never used it to its full potential, until now. Why? Because even though I only gained 20 lbs during my pregnancy, I was still 30-35 lbs over the weight I want to be. I promise, I'm not here to tell you I want to be the itty bitty size 0 I once was in high-school. But I DO want to be at a healthy weight & have a toned body again. You know, where I'm not out of breath by going down the stairs ( I hope you read that twice) or tired when I'm walking Cappy for an hour. Please know that I love my curves & the body I have now as a grown woman & mother. But damnit, I refuse to continue to be lazy & ok with where I am at now. 

A few things I've been doing differently starting October 1st.:


  • Drinking A LOT more water - about 48 - 72 ounces a day.
  • Making sure I eat breakfast - I try to stick to oatmeal or cereal. I'll add an egg in there once in a while. 
  • Down from drinking soda with every meal every day to just one per meal throughout the week - ok, this is a big deal to me because even though I'm addicted to drinking soda, I told myself that I want to quit completely soon. Baby steps though. I'm trying! 
  • Eating more veggies - currently I'm obsessed with broccoli, carrots & cauliflower.
  • Smart snacking - I'm loving the Cliff Chocolate Chip bars. But most importantly, I've tried snacking smaller healthier items throughout the day to keep me satisfied & not craving the bad stuff (*cough* french fries..). 


  • Taking the stairs - this applies only to our office garage. I try to park on higher levels. But, I work on the 42nd floor & I'd probably pass out if I even tried to do that every day. 
  • Walking 10K steps a day - be my friend on Fitbit! I'm slowly getting into it & would love to join in on some challenges. 
  • Running on my lunch break - YUP! I don't have time in the morning (I wake up at 4 a.m. to prepare for work) & can't after work (sorry, that's like my only G. & Baby M. time). It's my first time doing it in a LONG time so I've been using Endomondo to track it. 
  • Practice yoga in the evening - after baby M. goes to bed. It feels so good to end the day with a good stretch, centered & positive. 


  • Bought myself some pretty goods - new workout clothes, running sneakers & a gym bag. 
  • Take solo spa dates - in my shower. I have goods from different places (including of course LUSH) that make me feel relaxed after my long days. 
  • Plan for tomorrow - this one is a new big one for me. I've been preparing my work clothes, workout clothes & Max's clothes before I go to bed to make my mornings smoother. Really I did this so I could catch up on sleep. So far, so good! 

Things have been going pretty well overall. I've been feeling more energized, been a great mood everyday & look forward to push myself a little more everyday!  I really want to stick to this in order to lose the 35 lbs by January & get back to being healthy all around. I'll check-in in a few weeks to share my progress. If you have any tips or advice you'd like to share, you know where to find me. xo

HealthYadi Gomez