Travel | Zion National Park, Utah - The Grand Canyon, Cathedral Rock & Petrified Forest, Arizona


The itching to travel is getting to me. I miss the mountains more than I will admit sometimes. I've always identified myself as a city girl. The fancy clothes, shoes, bags. The walking a few blocks to catch lunch or driving/metro-ing downtown to attend music festivals or go clubbing. I couldn't see myself as how I was once as a child in Panama. Swimming in rivers, hiking with our grandparents, playing outside until dark. I missed that side of me. I've always loved & appreciated nature. Last year's trip made me realize how important it is to take a step back, take everything in & have a sense of wander. You all know I love to go places, but being really out there opened this new side of me I'm dying to explore & share with G, our Cappy & soon, our child. Although we've hibernated long enough during the Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer is coming & I CANNOT wait to go out there, explore. Our adventures start soon & because I didn't show you the rest of our trip, I leave them all for you below. Enjoy!


Zion National Park, Utah

If I'm ever asked what my biggest accomplishment is, I will tell you I may not have one specific... but hiking up Angels Landing is one of them. This park means so much to me because I faced some of my biggest fears, pushed myself physically & emotionally in a way I've never done so before & at the end of it all, I made it up there. I almost cried once I reached the end & saw my brother & co. It will always be one of those "I can't believe I did that" moments.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Words & pictures will never describe how I felt looking into the Grand Canyon. The massiveness of it all. How tiny you feel. We visited the South Rim since the North Rim was closed due to snow. I've been dying to see the other side of the canyon since the moment we left. Maybe during our next trip we'll get to see what we missed out on. Because this was a shorter visit, I shared a video below to show you how massive this beautiful natural masterpiece is. Here is another great video provided by the National Park Service. 


Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

I can clearly remember giving Guhbaby so much shit for wanting to go to Sedona. "What's over there?" "That's SO out of the way!" "UGH!" Damnit, she made a good call. GREAT call really. We only had one more park to go, so we decided to wing it. We parked the car in the most adorable little town center, got tons of pizza & relaxed for a while. She suggested the Cathedral Rock because of its magnetic energy. It would be our list actual hike. All I'm going to say is that the view from up there is magical. Worth deviating out of our original route & the steep climb. I loved seeing the houses up the red rocks. I was super convinced to purchase a home & move over there. Who knows, we just may. 


Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

I was honestly a bit scared when my brother mentioned stopping at this park. I had absolutely no idea what it was & what could be there considering I've never heard of this place before.  When we arrived, it was like landing on a different planet. The wind was extremely strong & it was so cold we ran to & from the car just to touch the large pieces of petrified wood. We drove slow,  from one entrance of the park to the other. It really felt like driving through a non-welcoming part of Jurassic Park