Snapshots of Life Lately

Its been a busy few weeks in our neck of the woods. Prepping for baby M. has been so much fun & fixing up our little home is one of my favorite things to do. Its coming along, but with me moving slower & getting bigger, the tasks seem endless. So thankful for G. for always being by my side & helping me with projects I (currently) can't do on my own. Last week I was on vacation -- sort of forced by my company since I had to take the days before my anniversary date. Hey, I won't fight anyone that wants to give me paid time off. ;) G. started his new job last week as well. Its been SO nice to both be home at the same time & spend the evenings together. We still sometimes don't know how the heck we managed working opposite schedules since we'd basically only see each other on weekends even though we lived in the same house. I normally don't go into details about our jobs, etc. But this new change has been one of those blessings I'm very thankful for & wanted to share. 

  • I love that Captain is so curious. Lately we've been walking him without a leash  & he's been amazing. He follows, listens & knows just how far he's allowed to go without us having to constantly call him. Our little pup is growing up! 
  • We've been slowly putting Baby M's room together & it's looking so cute!! I've been asked for a 'home tour' & I promise to snap some pictures soon for you all. 
  • I'm very selfish with our selfies since I don't really share them. Hehe! But this husband of mine is such an amazing human & I adore him. I hope he knows how proud I am of him.
  • Dinner date  with G. at this one place that has the most amazing quesadillas I've tried in Texas. It will probably become "our spot" eventually.  
  • Basically how I feel every single day. He gets it. -- & my poor swollen feet! LOL!
  • Our bedroom caught a few minutes before sunset. I'm obsessed with our Mandala tapestry. You can find it here -- but I bought it from here. Because you know, porque?