Meeting - Maximus G.

Meet Maximus G. Gomez. Born June 29th at 5:29 p.m. weighing 8 pounds - 12 ounces & measuring 20.5 inches long with a whole head of hair. 

Our little everything. Today is his first month anniversary. I still cannot believe this little one is here. And for a month already!! Every morning I wake up to his little grunts & hungry noises & its real. Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming. Like, these past few weeks have been me just wishfully thinking... but no. This is actually happening & this gorgeous little one is ours & I get to hug & kiss him all day in between feedings & naps. My heart sometimes doesn't know how to handle how much I love him. 

G. & I have been planning our next few adventures with our little ones (Captain included). We are looking forward to spending our weekends together as a family, showing this him the world. Its so exciting & my heart melts just thinking about it all. These past four weeks have been an emotional & physical roller-coaster -- but for those asking about my hiatus, know I've been taking every moment as slow as possible, being present & soaking every inch of time I have with all my boys. Don't mind me as I hide away for a few more weeks with them.

Happy one month baby M.!! Momma & poppa adore you. xo


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