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Over the weekend, my mom & I packed up the kids & took an impromptu trip to the little town of Waco.  Amelia (my niece) had been staying with my mom all week & we wanted to do something fun with the kiddos. Talk about a long fun two day weekend. It was sort of like practice for when our second little one is here. I know the age gap makes it different considering these two are just three months apart. But juggling to kiddos back and forth (while PREGNANT!!) made it quite the experience. From happy sweet babies to the tantrums and attitudes. It was definitely good practice. I am so thankful to have my mom to practically just laugh at me when I felt like I was losing it & reassure me that it was ok. At the end of the weekend, I learned that I need whatever brand of patience she's been pouring in her tea. Tipping my hat off to all of you mamas with 2+ kiddos!!! 


Day 1

We left early on Saturday morning, sort of the perfect time. Maximus & Amelia talked & sang for a while & eventually fell asleep. My mom & I talked almost the entire way there about scary stories & abandoned places. Funny how you learn so much about your parents & yourself in an almost 3 hour car ride. Once we arrived to Waco, I knew we couldn't check-in to our hotel right away, so I wanted to take us to the Waco Mammoth National Monument. I haven't visited a National Park in quite some time, so you KNOW I had to visit & get my passport stamped. It is a short & sweet but informative little park. I won't go into any details because I think if you visit Waco, you should take a moment to visit the park. But I will say, knowing that there were mammoths living in Texas at one point, is pretty bad-ass. 

Afterwards, we stopped at Cameron Park. It is directly next to the national monument, which was perfect to have the kids run for a bit & look at the water. Mom took some adorable pictures and videos of the kids running up and down the little hills (of course, still stored somewhere in her tablet). Believe it or not, at this point I was already exhausted. We had just one big stop to make, so we put the kiddos back in the car (who were sleepy/hyper. So yeah, that was fun) & headed to our dream stop. 

Oh, my little heart. We had finally arrived at the Magnolia Market & my mom & I were like little kids full of excitement. It was absolutely everything I thought it would be. Huge, spotless, SO cute & FULL of other excited guests just like us. We formed the line to enter the main store, which was long but moved very quickly. Maneuvering with two strollers was the game of the day. Luckily, Maximus had completely passed out with his cookie in hand while poor Amelia was so upset to be strapped to her stroller (my girl is feisty & fights her nap time). The store inside was BEAUTIFUL & I literally wanted everything!!! To be honest, it was not only hard to find your way around with the strollers, there were SO MANY people that it made it difficult to properly look around. I read on another blog some good tips we plan to use next time we visit: 1) look online at the items you may want so when you get to the store you don't spend too much time browsing. 2) DO NOT take your kids. 😂😂😂 After purchasing my tee-shirts, must have candle & other little goods, we headed outside to grab a bite to eat at Vitek's BBQ. Maximus & Amelia loved their beans & my mom & I had their brisket sandwich which was totally delish. After hanging out for just a bit, we headed to the hotel to relax for a while. We grabbed dinner & my mom & I laughed & talked too much while putting the kiddos to sleep. 


Day 2 

The next day we woke up, had breakfast in the hotel & prepared our bags to head back home. Of course, we had the day ahead of us planned. JUST KIDDING. The joke was on us. Waco is such a small town that many places we wanted to visit were closed or didn't open until almost noon. So, we decided to drive around town & take pictures of the city. We were amazed by the amount of huge old churches everywhere in town. We found the cutest mural & of course, pictures had to be taken. We drove by the most amazing huge colonial looking houses with large beautifully maintained yards with their Bentleys & Benz's parked outside in the long driveways. It didn't even look real. The kiddos had fallen asleep (AMEN🙌) so mom & I were on the hunt for food. We stopped at the Mad Hasher Waco (food truck) after driving around & looking for something that wasn't extremely crowded. Can I say that it was the most AMAZING breakfast I've had in a long while!! I took no pictures since I was starving & sort of inhaled my food. Their Yelp however can help you get hungry. 

As the kiddos were waking up, we headed over to the Cameron Park Zoo. It wasn't as crowded since it was early Sunday morning & it was scheduled to rain (glad it didn't while we were there). We all loved the zoo!! The kids were practically yelling, clapping, running & ooh-ing & aah-ing at all the new animals they got to see. I think Amelia's favorite animal was the fishes & giraffes; Maximus' was the otters & the giraffes also. A HUGE orangutan fell in-love with me & kept blowing me kisses. We think he/she was obsessed with my hair😁. It felt like we were at the zoo all day, which was perfect to get the kiddos sleepy before heading home. 

We then stopped at a few "antique stores", said good-bye to the little town & headed back to Houston. Our little ones snoozed the entire ride back while momma & I continued chatting all the way to her house. Overall, it was a wonderful, tiring, so eventful & full of laughter kind of weekend. The kiddos were SO good & so fun to watch, joke with & take pictures of. I adore them so much. It was all so perfect & I am so thankful to have my mom close to share random weekends like this with her.  ▪️

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