Let The Boys Be

Another topic I've taken my absolute time to share... the littlest member of the family. Matthew Frederick.

Today is a special day because baby Matthew turns a whole two months!! Not just because he's our baby, but he's such a sweet little baby. He doesn't like feeling alone & LOVES to cuddle. For once being so small, he's very alert & doesn't like to sleep as much as your average newborn. His personality is quite feisty. I love that about him. He's pretty tough & when he wants something, aka his food, he wants it now now NOW. I can already tell that he will be a leader & will have no issues speaking his mind. Without a doubt, he is the spitting image of his father. I find it adorable since Maximus reminds me of 'me' the older he gets. 

The Birth Stories

I've been wanting to share both kids birth stories because they were both so different. Also, I want other mamas to know that it is OK if things don't go as "planned". I know you've heard this before, but its true ...'every baby is different'. From the pregnancy, their personalities to their birth, they are all different from one another. So, regardless of how your baby is born, know that it is a blessing & you are/will be a wonderful mama❤️. 

I promise, I'll be keeping these stories short.

Baby Maximus. My pregnancy with Maximus was a breeze. Of course, there were days I felt heavier, tired, sicker or grumpier than others. But overall, it was the perfect pregnancy. An entire week had passed after my due date & there was no sign of him. Concerned, we decided for me to get induced hoping he'd make the decision to make his appearance. It worked. However, I wasn't really feeling any contractions & my body wasn't dilating how it should've been considering I was induced. So, a huge baby was trying so hard to force his way out of me while my body still wasn't working on a exit strategy. It started to become painful & I can't even tell you how long we were in that hospital room because it literally felt like two days. I remember my doctor coming in telling me that she felt it would be a good idea to consider a c-section since my body wasn't exactly cooperating, but our son wanted out & his heart level kept dropping since he was doing all the work alone. I could literally feel him wiggling in there trying to get out. It was the weirdest sensation ever. I was mortified & my husband just wanted us to be ok (I did not seem or sound ok). I'll never forget our doctor constantly telling us that Maximus was going to be close to 6 to 7 lbs max. But of course, he was almost 9 lbs.  My doctor says that if I would've had him vaginally, he probably would've teared me apart because he was just that large compared to my body frame. So, although his pregnancy was easy, I was devastated during his delivery. I wanted to have him naturally so badly & I felt like a failure. My body never cooperated & I couldn't believe how long, yet so fast everything happened. I am beyond thankful my husband reacted as fast as he did because I could've gotten a fever or the baby could've gone into stress by forcing himself out. I remember having everything "planned" yet nothing really went the way I wanted. BUT, at the end of the day, our baby came & he was absolutely beautiful. He was a huge healthy glowing baby. He was our sweet Maximus. 

Fast-forward almost two years.

Baby Matthew

Oh baby Matthew. This little one gave me more nausea, had my body in so much pain & not to mention, I felt his kicks SO much earlier then Maximus & they were much more stronger. Not sure if it's because I just turned 30 & I feel like an old lady😂, or because the kid is indeed that strong. Either way, it was going pretty good until... one evening, after going to Target for about 20 minutes, I came home & laid on the couch with Maximus. We were watching a movie, I quickly run to the restroom, and then, there's blood. Like TOO much blood for my liking. I remember standing there, my body shaking as I tell Greg what's happening. It's 11:00 pm now. I called my mom sort of panicking asking her what's going on (like, she's a doctor right? lol) & asking if she could take me to the ER so Greg could stay with Maximus. Y'all, I was seriously almost about to get hysterical. After waiting in the women's wing of the hospital & running tests, ladies & gentlemen... Matthew had teared my cervix. WHAT!? It was too early!!! Like, almost 9 weeks early!! 

Lets fast forward again. I was in bed rest for 16 days because the doctors wanted to make sure he was at least 35 weeks. My c-section was scheduled for a Monday. On the day of the surgery my contractions were extremely close, which means I would've gone into labor even if my surgery wasn't scheduled. Talk about getting lucky. Overall, everything went by pretty smoothly & fast. It felt even easier then the first time, which was quite a surprise since I was freaking out a bit. I went home on Thursday, but because baby Matthew was born so early & had some breathing issues the first day, they kept him in the NICU. He went home on the 4th of July, making that holiday extra special. Can I be honest & say that it the longest 2 weeks of my life. Traveling back & forth to the hospital... right after surgery... while trying to breast pump... to try & stay with baby for as long as I could while still trying to take care of Maximus. It was so exhausting, but the wait was so worth it. At the end of it, a very chunky & healthy baby came home. Feisty little baby Mathew. 

Happy two months baby Matthew!! We adore you so..

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