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Off my high of having a city loft & back to my little cottage dream. On July 4th, I spent the day & evening with some of our friends in their gorgeous backyard & pool. As we lounged having some amazing conversations & laughing at how even though it temporarily rained, we managed to stay in the pool, I started thinking about what is really important in my life at the moment. Moments like those. Like these. Where I am completely at peace surrounded by those I love & adore. New & old friends. I've always been the type to love hosting gatherings in my home. Random themed holidays or your traditional Sunday dinner. I love preparing food with my girlfriends as we listen to their children play. The men complaining about some sport team & bickering about why I made them take their shoes off before coming in (I swear they all did that). I absolutely miss & love that.

I do plan on having my little gatherings once I decide where & what to purchase. I've daydreamed of a pool & a huge barn style home. Somewhere between the city & the outskirts. A large green yard for Cappy, his sisters & cousins would be more than perfect. Possibly even outdoor couches & a fire pit for winter slumber parties. I get SO excited when I think about it. It's been a long time coming & I can't wait to accomplish this. Not just for me, but for those I'll be sharing it with.

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Birthday Luau.

Birthday Luau.

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