Taking Stock.

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Ok, so quick story behind this image. My mum is always so excited to get pictures of Captain Knuckles & I together when I'm home. Hugging, kissing & all that jazz. Red lips & all (because I completely forgot), I give him the biggest smooch on his newly shaved head & he goes wild! Trying to hold him while he's attempting to return the kisses, not knowing that I was leaving traces of red love all over his face was the funniest thing caught via phone. LOL!!! Poor thing looked like he got beat up by his sister for a day. Note to self.. no red lipstick near the baby boy & his happy self.   

So here we go, taking stock as of today..

Making | completely new memories with completely new people & loving it. 

Cooking | nothing. While home hunting, everything kitchen related is boxed up so no cooking for me! 

Drinking | AGUA & detoxing with veggie smoothies made by my mum. YUM!

Reading | all the interior decor books laying around my mums house. Believe me, there are plenty.

Wanting | some D.C. kabob. Sheesh my mouth waters just thinking about it.

Looking | at tons of new furniture. The perks of selling everything & having to buy everything brand spanking new. YAY!

Playing | Grand Theft Auto V!!!!!

Wasting | gas a lot lately. Texas is too big for the likings of my car.

Sewing | up my chest again. After a major tragedy with mybaby girl last weekend, I'm finally feeling OK now.

Wishing | my handsome was closer.

Enjoying | how wonderfully & smooth these past few days have been going.

Waiting | for November to hurry. I cannot wait!!

Liking | how my new blog layout is going to come out. EEK!

Wondering | if its real life that Chipotle is catering. I hope is not just a rumor.

Loving | how He makes plans & tries to surprise me but always ends up telling me anyways.

Hoping | our home hunt continues to go smoothly. *crosses fingers*

Marveling | how fast time goes by & how the past slowly fades away leaving small glimpses of the good times.

Needing | His hugs during these colder than usual nights.

Smelling | pumpkin caramel latte. The obsession is major!

Wearing | more dresses than usual & lots of leather.

Following | His advice, about 4 years later.

Noticing | how my little Captain Knuckles is not so little anymore. :(

Knowing | that in order to do better, you need to know better.

Thinking | I could either leave my bedroom walls white or paint them grey again. Hmm.

Bookmarking | bedroom & restroom ideas.

Opening | tons of emails & messages with encouraging words from people all over the world. For you all, I am thankful.

Giggling | because I now know how to use Skype & staying up past midnight like high school teens is absolutely worth it.

Feeling | finally.. loved, at peace & happy.  

Captain K'Nuckles Has Surgery.

Captain K'Nuckles Has Surgery.

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